Real Food, Real Solutions, Real Results


I am a registered dietitian nutritionist who believes in real food, real solutions, and real results.  I believe in creating healthy habits that stick, not restrictions that leave you deprived and frustrated.  Ditch dieting once and for all and learn to trust food again.  It is not about how many calories you are consuming, it is about WHAT you are consuming.   It is about looking at your body as a whole- sleep, stress, gut health, physical activity, and environmental factors all play a role in YOUR individual nutrition.  Let’s work together and create a nutrition plan that is the healthiest version of YOU.

My Approach:

I help individuals who are frustrated with dieting change their relationship with food and say goodbye to dieting once and for all. Nutrition is so much more than the calories we consume. Factors such as stress, emotional eating, sleep, and poor gut health all play a role in your nutritional status. I will teach you how to create healthy habits that stick and real solutions that fit into your lifestyle. I also offer functional testing to help identify food sensitivities, gut dysbiosis and nutritional deficiencies.

Why work with me?

Whether you are looking to identify nutritional imbalances and food sensitivities, improve your gut health, lose weight, manage a disease or chronic illness, or just want to learn more about food and nutrition, I am here to help. There is nutrition advice everywhere you look – it is so confusing! When it comes to an eating plan, one size does not fit all. This is where a certified registered dietitian nutritionist comes in- I offer you my full support. Together we can create the healthiest version of you.

Joanne Gibson


If you are local, let’s work together in my home office.  If you aren’t local, we can still work together via video chat or phone.  I will always be available for ongoing support in person or virtually- I am here for you.

Let’s Chat

Get started with a free 15 minute phone consultation where we will talk about your health and nutrition goals, challenges, and what I can do to help you. Together we will decide what is the right program for you.

Initial Session

In our first session, we will spend time discussing your health and nutrition history, your individual needs, and your goals. Together we will create an individual nutrition plan for you to help you reach both short term and long term goals.

Ongoing Support

Behavior change does not happen overnight. We will meet or talk on a regular basis to make sure you are on the right path, reaching your goals, and staying accountable. It is a great time to ask questions and set new goals. I will provide you with unlimited support between sessions via Healthie.

Let’s Connect!